Marketing Microsite

The On Brand On TimeTM system includes a marketing microsite fully dedicated to your brand. Users from your network can securely login to it and access the colours, fonts and logos to create marketing materials that fit your branding perfectly. The microsite can even be integrated with your company intranet for ‘single sign-on’.

Your marketing microsite contains all the tools you need to manage the print requirements of a large network allowing various locations to customise their printing while keeping the branding consistent.

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Your logo

Your logo and branding are used to create a header which matches your corporate identity that is then used throughout your marketing microsite.



We’ll configure the background colour, buttons, titles, tabs and text of your marketing microsite to personalise it for your company and complement your brand.


Customise your marketing microsite with our extensive list of fully licensed web fonts for your body text, tabs, titles and buttons.

Files & Images folder

Company logos, documents, manuals and pictures can be securely stored and shared with your network. Being cloud based means you can access files wherever you are, whenever you want.

Splash screen

Set the tone from the start by greeting your users with a beautiful, full-screen splash image when they sign-in. Use one of your brand images or ask us to find something striking from our library.

Single sign-on

Add On Brand On TimeTM to your internal system to enable ‘single sign-on’ where your users only need one login to access the entire system including On Brand On TimeTM.

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