Management Tools

The On Brand On TimeTM management tools enable your central marketing team to control user access and manage marketing activities throughout your network. You can designate certain users as ‘Administrators’ to give them access to these tools.

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Manage your users

It’s quick and easy to create new accounts for branches or individual users, control access to your system, assign access levels and settings to users across your organisation and network.


Approval +

With this feature, you can check and approve artwork centrally before the order goes to print. It’s ideal for new or inexperienced users but can be disabled for experienced users who understand your brand guidelines.

Marketing credits

Marketing credits are an effective way to manage centrally funded marketing initiatives. Credits can be allocated against individual branches for them to use against their next order. Ideal to include in starter packs to encourage the use of a new initiative or as a reward.

Reports and analytics

Using this function, you can access and download reports 24/7 detailing your network’s marketing activity to understand who is ordering what and who is not ordering anything.

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